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ESTRO 35 - BOOTH #6560

April 29th-May 3rd 2016, Turin - ITALY


Booth #2865 ACIC - April 26th-28th 2016, New York City NY - USA



Introduction to the Automatic Glove Leak Test System

Watson Elementary® su Bassano TG

Breve servizio sul software Watson Elementary nell’edizione del 29 Gennaio 2016 di Bassano TG.

Tema Sinergie S.p.A.

Tema Sinergie is a dynamic and innovative company which designs, produces and sells solutions and systems suitable for hospitals, research institutes, universities and industries working in the field of ionizing radiation control. As official representative for outstanding international companies and the only Italian reference for a remarkably wide range of applications, Tema Sinergie works with market forces to guarantee excellent quality and competitiveness.