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Hand – Foot – Clothes Radiation Monitor System

The CMS60D and CMS60XD hand – foot – clothes monitors are contaminometers designed and built to measure gamma radiation and contamination levels on hands, feet, clothes, gloves and footwear caused by gamma and beta-emitters.
They are mandatory measurement instruments for operators involved in Nuclear Medicine, Radiochemistry Labs and any area with the possibility of beta and gamma radioisotope contamination.

The CMS60D systems are equipped with five (5) identical GM tubes detectors, one for each of the hands and feet plus one that is removable, for monitoring of the clothing.

CMS60XD comes with two RXD 1000T detectors for hands and feet and one RXD 270 detector for clothing. The RXD 1000T detector includes two independent channels, for independent measurements of the right hand, left hand, right foot and left foot.

The system performs in sequence the measurements of hands (front and back), feet and clothes (by the use of the portable detector) with an automatic background subtraction: it measures the background and excludes incidental peaks not considered to be a part of background activity, such as the passage of a radioactive syringe.

At the end of the cycle a report is shown on the monitor and automatically saved to the archive. Each measure report contains the following information: Operator, Measurement Date and Time, Alarm Status for Each Detector, Measured Value and Error for Each Detector, and Selected Isotope.


450(w) x 950(d) x 1.500(h) mm

65 Kg

LCD Monitor



Detectors type N. 5 GM tubes

N. 2 RXD 1000T with 2 channels each

N. 1 RXD 270 (for clothes)

Detecting surface
250 mm2 each

1000 mm2 each (RXD 1000T)

270 mm2 each (RXD 270)

Window thickness
14 mg/cm2 6,75 mg/cm2
Window material
Aluminum Titanium 15 μm
Lower energy limit

10 Kev for Gamma

150 Kev for Beta



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