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Syr Pharma

Automatic Syringe Dispenser

Syr Pharma is designed for the fast and automatic dispensing of radiopharmaceuticals in syringes, fully compliant with FDA and GMP rules for high capacity multitracer distribution in centralized radiopharmacies.

It is designed:

  • to be installed in the DHC dispensing hot cell with Telemanipulators
  • to allow multiple-batch production runs
  • to dispense standard 5 ml BD syringes with luer lock
  • to dispense within a built-in laminar flow area
  • to work through a fully GMP compliant dispensing process
  • to be managed by a simple and direct touch screen interface

The GAMP5 and CFR21 part 11 compliant software makes Syr Pharma a fully GMP compliant dispenser.


Width: 340 mm (without vial holders)
Depth: 300 mm
Height: 600 mm
Weight: 33 Kg


  • Stainless steel medical grade finishing for easy cleanable surfaces
  • Easy-to-install sterile disposable sets. Supplied in a sterile double bag with 5 years expiry time

Main Characteristics

  • Automatic capping/decapping of the syringe
  • Volume dispensing of radiopharmaceutical and saline in syringe in a horizontal laminar flow area
  • Needle free connections between syringe and fluid lines
  • Dispensing of different radiopharmaceuticals in separate line
  • Management through built-in barcode reader
  • GAMP5 and FDA 21 CFR part. 11 compliant
  • N. 3 safety passwords (programmable): user, maintenance and RSO password
  • Customizable user accounts
  • Reports and Statistics: end of dispensing cycle, alarms & events (Audit Trail), operatoractions
  • Auto saving into a neither corruptible nor modifiable file (encrypted)
  • Automatic periodical back-up
  • Daily or weekly work schedule (i. E. Patient list) can be imported from USB pen (or from Hot Lab Management software if interfaced)
  • On-line downloadable database (excel and encrypted files)



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Syr Pharma Automatic Syringe Dispenser working within the DHC hot cell