Tema Sinergie


Source Finder

This device has been designed to detect radioactive sources, it performs measures second by second allowing a real time environment radioactivity monitoring.
This instrument finds its best uses at borderlines, metal scraps collectors and metal foundries.

T-98 Source Finder consists of a control unit, a battery charger with a connector, a NaI(Tl) 2" x 2" probe with carbon fibre covering, a carbon fibre extension pole and a transport case.

T-98 Source Finder  can run both as dosimeter (cps, μSv/h) and integrating meter (total counts). It is possible to prearrange 2 continuous alarm values (from 0.1 to 100 times the background) on the intensity. The alarm signal is both optical and acoustic.

UNI 10897:2001 compliant



Weight: 1 Kg 100 g approx.

Sensibility: 2000 cps/μSv/h per Cs-137 approx.

Measure Instrument

Dimensions: 173 x 122 x 95 (h) mm

Weight: 1 Kg 800 g

Accuracy: Linear reply at '8% for Cs-137 between 0 ÷ 30000 cps

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