Tema Sinergie


Automatic Elution System

The automatic system for elution mod. Elmat is the ideal solution for the planning of the Technetium elution.

Elmat is fully compliant with the latest GMP directives and conceived to be placed inside a Class A GMP cleanliness environment.

Its dimension, its user-friendly interface and its adaptability to any kind of  generator present in the market, make Elmat a very interesting instrument for nuclear medicine laboratories.



Dimensions and weight

100(l) x 40(p) x 150(h) mm, 280 g

Main features

  • automatic elution for technetium generators at programmed day and time, with a pre-set volume
  • meets GMP guidelines, in order to allow at least one elution every 24 hours
  • suitable for all Tc99m generators
  • programmable and traceable elutions (data, time etc)
  • suitable to work in a clean environment (class A)
  • compact dimensions
  • user friendly interface (LCD display + 5 push buttons)

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