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In any industrial environment where radioactive sources can be found, an effective system to monitor the level of radioactivity is strictly necessary. The wet, dusty, noisy and potentially background disturbed environment needs a specific real time monitoring system, resistant to all the weather conditions.

ENVIRO-IND is a complete real time monitoring system for the detection and measurement of environment radiation with a IP65 protection degree against dust and water. It performs continuous and simultaneous measurements with no dead times in between.

ENVIRO-IND can be a “stand alone” monitor station or be part of a modular system of environmental monitoring, that integrates all the single units and different types of points of measurement.


ENVIRO-IND is composed by n. 3 different parts:

    It consists of an industrial PC Windows CE inside a protective case with a protection degree IP65. The operator can manage directly the touch screen to modify the parameter thresholds. It is equipped with a 3.5” display for status, alarms and measured data visualization: display for measured data & acoustic - visual alarms.
    It is a system of lights and acoustic signals and can be installed at every strategic point, directly driven by the central unit.
    The ENV-TAR probe is  composed by a dedicated case arranged for wall mounting and is equipped with a NaI scintillation detector 2 "x 2" high sensitivity. Its case is composed by a neoprene covering to stabilize the probe temperature and avoid thermal shock, and is also equipped with a carbon protection to ensure sealing from dust and moisture. It is possible to place the probe at a distance up to 100 m from the central unit, which can be very useful in the wide open industrial environment.
  • Enviro network supervision
  • Real time measurement graphics
  • Measurement database
  • Statistic data elaboration
  • Event log visualization (chronological event list)
  • Software automatic recovery after shutdown - no data loss
  • Reports (with printer connection)
  • Automatic back-up and access safety policy (password)
  • Ethernet-based remote control for service and support (via VPN)
  • 2D Lab map for easy probes visualization/locating
  • Software calibration routine
  • Connection to Tema Sinergie hot cell if GM required

PC with 19" monitor and printer is included.
Free software upgrade.

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