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Rad Inject

Fully automated injector for radiopharmaceuticals

The injection phase is one of the most dangerous steps for the finger dose rate because of the combination of time duration and the short distance between the operator’s hands and the radiopharmaceutical contained in the syringe.

RAD-INJECT provides a totally automated injection, minimizing any operator exposure to radiations.

Its small and compact geometry makes RAD-INJECT the smallest fully automated injector for Gamma and Beta radiopharmaceuticals available on the market. Its light weight and ergonomic shape makes it an extremely user-friendly device for any operator.

RAD-INJECT is the answer to the operator’s need for radioprotection during the radiopharmaceutical injection phase.


Remarkably small dimensions (see Configuration tab)

Syringe volume
Capacity: 10ml

Power supply
Lithium battery

RAD-INJECT is available in 2 different models:

  • RAD-INJECT γ specific for γ emitters
  • RAD-INJECT β specific for β emitters

The infusion time can be easily set from 0 to 240 minutes, depending on the radiopharmaceutical to be injected and the patient conditions.

Model Syringe shielding type
Syringe shielding thickness
Fixed shielding (stand) type
Fixed shielding (stand) thickness
Injector weight (with syringe shielding)
RAD-INJECT γ tungsten 9mm tungsten 20mm 1,1 Kg
RAD-INJECT β plexiglas 9mm stainless steel 20mm 0,3 Kg


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Automatic dispensing system with the smallest fully automated injector