Tema Sinergie


Rapid Transfer Port

The DPTE®-XS transfer system is recognized as being one of the safest method for introducing and removing sterile and/or toxic material without breaking containment.

The DPTE®-XS is completely interlocked and allows safe connection/disconnection of the DPTE®Beta part. Its smooth design offers a cleanable fascia inside of the containment.

The equipment is manufactured according to industry requirements and standards. According to the configuration of the isolator system, RTPs can be mounted on a side flange (recommended position), but also on the working plane of the isolator itself.


Key Features

  • A single, easy to operate, handle unlocks the door
  • The door hinge allows the door removal without tools, facilitating the maintenance using gloves or half suit
  • Easy to install, easy to use
  • Compatible with all DPTE® beta parts

Recommended models

  • DPTE® 105-XS
  • DPTE® 190-XS
  • DPTE® 270-XS