Tema Sinergie

SHR 500

Thermal welder

SHR 500 is a manual operated sealing/cutting system composed by a sealing bar carrying a 12 mm wide resistance working on low tension (V24 max), and by a counter bar with a cold wire - diameter 0,9 (not electrically connected).
This type of seal avoids any contamination at the top of the bag, compared to regular impulse sealers.

A double timer allows to regulate separately both the sealing and the cooling time that allows the seal to consolidate before releasing the sealing jaws.

The welder is supplied with a dedicated ergonomic trolley.


Key features

  • Welding width: 50 cm
  • Type of seal: Ribbon seal, 12mm wide, cut in the middle and leaving a 6mm seal on each side of the cut
  • Materials: polyethylene up to 200 microns, some types of coextruded films


Desktop version: 250 x 850 h 450 mm
Control box 250 x 900 h 200 mm
Pincers 150 x 900 h 250 mm


21 Kg


230 V


1100 W/hour only during the seal